we’re a real estate development startup


Artifact develops residential, commercial and retail real estate projects that support and enhance the communities where we operate. We deploy good design, thoughtful planning and strong neighborhood involvement to create uniquely desirable spaces in New York’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

And, wherever we can, Artifact participates in city, state and federal social good programs to increase affordable housing, improve access to quality fresh food grocers and medical facilities in the area and help maintain Harlem’s historic character.


We Make good Neighborhoods Great

Good neighborhoods become great neighborhoods when well-designed housing is supported by local-owned shops, quality grocers and affordable restaurants and cafes

Great neighborhoods allow living well and working with purpose to seamlessly blend

Great neighborhoods have welcoming meeting spaces with useful community programming and green space for relaxing

Great neighborhoods create friendly neighbors and strong social networks

At Artifact, great neighborhoods are our product and building strong communities is our business model.

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The Artifact Ecosystem


Artifact projects support each other because we cluster our work in a concentrated area. This “ecosystem” style development allows existing community members and our Artifact Living apartment residents alike to benefit from buildings, amenities and event programming that Artifact is bringing to the neighborhood.


Project Fundamentals

Artifact’s ecosystem development style balances design, commerce, community and convenience in every project


Why harlem?

Affordability: Neighborhoods known for their social-forward lifestyles like Chelsea, Park Slope and Fort Greene have become too expensive and over-crowded. Artifact apartments will offer up to 2x more space per square foot than the average Park Slope apartment. Harlem Collective co-working space costs half what comparable WeWork spaces cost

Convenience: Our neighborhoods’ offers multiple local and express MTA travel options and access to millions of jobs across the island of Manhattan

Cool Factor: Once-cool neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick have gone mainstream and are marred by a decade of rapid low-quality development and cookie-cutter architecture. Hell’s Kitchen has become over-crowded with the rise of Hudson Yards

Community Vibe: Harlem is known for its strong sense of community, and Millennials who represent the fastest growing rental population in New York prioritize “diversity” and “community engagement” over material acquisition (source: Gallup, “How Millennials Want to Live and Work” 2016)

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Explore Our neighborhood

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