Residential Projects

Artifact No. 767

Artifact No. 767 is an 8,000 square foot brownstone with a garden located in Hamilton Heights and is being renovated into seven residential units, ready for move-in summer 2019.

The structure was erected in the late 19th century as a member of the so-called “boudoir houses” on St. Nicholas Avenue. It is landmarked in the Sugar Hill Historic District

Artifact No. 719

Artifact No. 719 is a 9,000 square foot former brownstone with a garden and ground-floor retail space located in Hamilton Heights. This SRO (single room occupancy) building is being renovated and modernized

It also comprises an adjacent, ground-level corner retail unit. Originally built in the 19th century, the residential building formerly housed a boys school while a speakeasy occupied the retail space. No. 719 is landmarked in the Sugar Hill Historic District.

Artifact No. 1861


ARTIFACT No. 1861 is a new construction project on Amsterdam Avenue comprising 94,000 square feet of space across 75 residential units, a grocery store and medical offices on the garden level.

Artifact No. 457

THE_UPPER_GROUP_112317_8710 copy.jpg

ARTIFACT No. 457 is a former horse stable with an existing square footage of 20,000 square feet that will be converted into 26 new units while preserving many of the original historical details.

The innovative redesign will also create a landscaped interior courtyard that will serve as amenity space for residents.

Commercial Projects 

The Harlem Collective (Current location)

The Harlem Collective opened in 2016 to offer co-working space to the under-served community of entrepreneurs, consultants, non-profits and artists in the area. Since then, the Collective has operated at nearly 100% occupancy as it serves a diverse group of locals as they build and grow their practices and passions. In Summer, 2019 the Collective will open its new location across the street, with new, state-of-the-art facilities.


1850 Amsterdam Avenue

1850 Amsterdam Avenue is a former horse stable for the original police house located next door. Now under renovation, the location is being converted into 14,000 square feet of office space or medical space plus our new ground floor retail offering, The Harlem Collective Cafe.

The office/medical space is now available for lease. Click here for details.